About Journal

The scientific journal "Research Support, Management and Sports Marketing" of Kurdistan University in 2019 with registration number 85025 from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology succeeded in obtaining a quarterly publishing license in Persian.

The fields and axes of the magazine will include the following:

Sports marketing strategies and market research

Decision making in sports marketing and market research

· Data mining in marketing and sports market research

Sports marketing information systems

Sports marketing intelligence

Electronic marketing and research

· customer relation management

Branding in sports

Innovation in sports marketing

· Supply Chain Management

Global marketing

Sales and marketing engineering

· Consumer buying behavior of sports

Marketing in sports tourism

Marketing in sports organizations and human resources

Sponsorship of sports teams and clubs

· Sports events

· Etc

"Sports Support, Management and Marketing Research" is a scientific journal and will give priority to evaluation, judging and publishing articles that, while innovating and developing theoretical and practical applications, are the result of fundamental, applied and developmental research in the field of support, management. And be sports marketing.