Publication Ethics

The article must be written in common Persian language in scientific journals and in fluent prose.

Submitted articles must be original and research.

The article must not have been submitted to another publication or previously published for publication.

It is not allowed to submit articles to other journals at the same time.

All received articles will be judged by two judges without their knowledge of the authors. The opinions of the judges will be reflected to the responsible author after summarizing.

The deadline for submitting the revised article is 15 days after receiving the opinion of the judges.

The publication has no obligation to publish or return the received articles.

If the article has been presented at a conference and other scientific conferences before being submitted to the journal, the subject should be announced with the date of presentation and full details of the conference.

The scientific accuracy of the content of the article is the responsibility of the author or authors of the article and the journal is not responsible in this regard.

Registration of the article in the system of the Journal of Sports Support, Management and Marketing Research of Kurdistan University will be notified by sending an email to all authors of the article. Notify immediately via email.

At the request of the editor or reviewers of the journal, it is necessary to send some documents of the article such as questionnaires, licenses, introductory letters, etc.

The journal reserves the right to evaluate plagiarism cases.

The journal is free to edit accepted articles.

Observance of the Persian script of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature is mandatory.

If the article is not edited according to the instructions of this publication, the editor of the journal returns the article to the responsible author for readjustment without including the article in the judging process.

The article should be free from any immoral acts including "data falsification", "distortion of facts", "scientific theft" and so on.

Personal information of the authors of the articles for all people who have access to it. Like the editor, the members of the editorial board, the internal and executive director of the publication are confidential and are protected at all times.

If it is proven that ethics are not observed in the execution and writing of the article, the journal will reject the article and the plagiarism case will be shared with other universities and related domestic and foreign journals in an official letter.