Phenomenology of the role of artificial intelligence marketing on increasing sales and exports of Iranian sports goods

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1 Lecture of payameenoor uni of Kerman

2 Associate Professor . Department of Sports Management, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman



This research has conducted with the aim of the role of artificial intelligence marketing in increasing sales and exports of Iranian sports goods with a phenomenological approach. This research has an exploratory qualitative study with the phenomenological method. The participants in the research have experts in sports management, business management, and software engineers, and according to the nature of the research, 15 people have interviewed in a snowball manner with a semi-structured interview until the theoretical saturation of the interviews has reached. To ensure the reliability and validity of the research, intra-subject agreement and expert opinions were used and their opinions were revised. The phenomenological method has carried out with the method (Colaizzi, 1978), which led to the identification of 9 main themes and 53 sub-themes. 9 main themes include (accurate identification of smart marketing dimensions and indicators, SEO development, more use of digital marketing and content marketing strategies, increasing the quality of Iranian sports goods, correct management of advertising and sales of Iranian sports goods, use of artificial intelligence tools, coverage neuromarketing, employment of specialized human resources, exchange of information between marketing and sales units) have identified. The findings of this research can be used as a basis for increasing the sales and profitability of organizations and companies in the field of Iranian sports goods. It is suggested that for the high importance of quality data in artificial intelligence marketing systems, the use of human resources specialized in marketing science should always be considered by managers of organizations and companies.


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