presenting a model of the impact of marketing in social networks on attracting contacts in the physics sports field

Document Type : Original Article


1 PhD Sport Management Student, University of Guilan

2 Assistant Professor of rahbord shomal university

3 Master student in Sports Management of Rahbord Shomal University



The general purpose of this research is to provide a model of the impact of marketing in social networks on the attraction of physics sports audience and the current research is applied, descriptive and correlational. The statistical population of this research is physical sports athletes who were present in the gyms of Rasht city. The number of statistical sample was determined according to the number of questions in the questionnaire of 400 people. Field data collection method, standard questionnaire data collection tool and data analysis method, structural equation modeling were used. After the descriptive analysis of the variables in order to investigate the objectives of the research, the technique of factor structure analysis and path analysis was used, and by using PLS 3 software, the path coefficients for the variables were investigated and the effect of marketing in social networks on the attraction of the audience of physics sports was investigated. Presented. The results of the research showed that Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have a significant effect on attracting contacts, and websites and Twitter (X) do not have an effect on attracting contacts; Therefore, it is suggested that instead of considering the disadvantages of these networks, their advantages and capabilities should be used in promoting sports goals (introduction and advertising) and providing information to all sections of the society without any restrictions.


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